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Restaurant Petrucci

Restaurant near Quirinale

... in Rome, a few steps from Quirinale!

Here you can find comments and reviews wrote from our guests on the famous website Tripadvisor, they are the guarantee of our quality.


Andresrpino from Buenos Aires, Argentina:
"After unsuccessfully trying near trevi, we returned next to our hotel and gave it a try to an unpretentious restaurant. It was a discovery to have a good cuisine, friendly service, and even better price..."


Olivetree841 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida:
"Great idea to not know the language and having to touch pictures to let your server know that this is what I want to eat. However, the food was great I loved every moment of eating at that Ristorante the food was great."


Maria E from San Isidro, Argentina:
"...the food was perfect, homemade. Not a luxury restaurant, but a good idea if you want a good dinner and then go on to visit the city of Rome. The prices are reasonable..."